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Awards Silver Learning 2022-01-01.png
Awards Silver Learning 2022-01-01.png
Our Simulator experiences have won multiple global awards including the prestigious Brandon Hall Human Capital award for implementing a successful Project Management Simulation Program for an IT major headquartered in LA, USA. The program was proposed for India, USA, UK, Mexico, and delivered by our certified Instructors. It has not only accelerated the knowledge gain but also facilitated improvement of competency, over a period of 90-days. The program also contributed with $13.4million worth additional revenue opportunities in 2016, as researched by our Customer. 22% of the additional revenue opportunities was realized as cash-in-bank within 12months post the finding.

In 2019, We won the Transformance's ICT Project Award for implementing our Project Management learning simulator which resulted in increased capabilities.

In 2022, we won the Brandon Hall Learning Awards for two categories - "Best Outcome of a Learning Program", and "Best Learning Program Supporting a Change Transformation Business Strategy.
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Transformance 2019
Won the ICT Project Award, Mumbai,  India
BrandonHall Awards.png
Brandon Hall 2017
Won the Gold for Best Outcome of a Learning Program in Florida, USA
Brandon Hall 2016
Won the Gold for Best Outcome of a Learning Program, in the USA

Award Gallery

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