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What we do may keep your Business safe.

In the VUCA world, it is a known fact that employee skills is the core to successfully executing Business Strategies. While traditional chalk and talk training courses are useful, 80pct learning is often forgotten in less than 2-days; and employees mostly find the content theoretical and difficult to apply. While 70pct of the skills development is often acquired by on-the-job experience, can Organizations afford employee errors? It is a no-brainer that Pilots are required to spend hours in the simulator, to give them a real-world like experience where they can practice and fail safe, minus any Business catastrophes

Our Simulators can reduce the cost of your L&D spend 

We are concerned about the effectiveness of your training and the cost per employee spent on developing skills that are tangible and will impact the bottom-line of your Business. Our Simulators could be delivered by your internal L&D sponsored Trainers, who understand your Business more than any external Trainers would. Our aim is to keep the training relevant, practical, and be able to reach more Employees at less 'off-production hours' for lesser cost, and higher impact. Our Simulators are an aggregator of the various technical and leadership class-room training programs your L&D is currently offering your employees. 

Our Simulators will accelerate employee and leader development & performance 

Our simulators provide real-life experiences in a class-room or virtual environment, to train employees and leaders on specific techno-leadership concepts and a Coach to assist in the application of learning, that is so distinct from the traditional chalk and talk training. Many certifications such as the PMBOK, SCRUM leaves delegates with the knowledge, however it does not guarantee them performance and fewer errors in the real-world. Our simulators allow for the Learners to apply the learning in a fail safe environment, and understand the link between their decisions and effects on the people & business performance. 

Our Simulators are Digital and reflective of the Real-World

Digital is the core of our Product offering and we are algorithmic. Most simulators that are available in the learning industry follow the Decision-Tree model of instructional design architecture. While this model is fairly successful in the time taken to build a simulation, Delegates most times realize the right vs wrong decisions, and respond accordingly. However, the premise of the Digital simulations is that there are no right or wrong decisions, just as in the real-world. Our simulators are driven by digital algorithms which processes Learner's  decisions ( or absence of decisions) to produce real world outcomes.

Our Algorithms are Customizable

A Business is constantly in the pursuit of Profitability and Growth while managing its Customers, Employees, Internal Processes, Risks, Environmental variables and more. Our simulations are built to mimic your real-world by customizing all the features that is close to your business reality. 

Our Product Proposition

Learners who will attend our class-room or virtual simulation training program are People Leaders. While they are tasked to manage the Business, they are also required to lead their People in the real world. However, people leadership is always considered to be a challenge as every individual have their own need, wants, motives, aspirations, personalities and likes. All our simulators have successfully mimicked the left brain activities of planning, organizing, delivering and analyzing the technical process, as well as the right brain activities of managing the emotions, personalities, motivations of the Avatars, who the Delegates will be required to lead and manage as Employees, Customers, Managers, Stakeholders, etc. 

Our Value Proposition

Our Simulators are designed for cost and scale - which is to enable the "more for less" value proposition. With most Organizations hiring local talent to deliver technical, leadership, behavioral class-room training programs for their employees, a chalk and talk delivery model has its own limitations. With our simulators, your Trainers are enabled to deliver the training internally, adding very little cost to the Training Budget and localizing the learning experience through 'learning by doing' in a native environment. 

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