Client Alert : World Health Organization at United Nations has implemented our Agile Learning Simulator as part of their PMCOE's virtual training delivery in 2021.

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Extend your Online Learning Engagement through SimWorks, our Award Winning Learning Simulators and Techno-Leadership Courses

Employee Skills are quintessential for successful execution of Business Strategies. While skills are nurtured by individuals on-the-job, the cost of employee error can be very expensive to organizations.


Our functional courses use digital Learning Simulators, and are built to mirror your Business environment, for employees to learn-do-reflect. 


We keep it simple!

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Our Customizable Simulators

Axl Learn is an EduTech company that develops computer based Training Simulators which use complex digital algorithms that are customizable to your Business, Environment, People, and Customers, for a collaborative classroom or virtual learning environment. All our products address the techno leadership aspect of your business such as SCRUM Project Leadership, Project Management, Marketing, Sales Leadership, Business Management etc. It helps your Managers learn and apply leadership skills in a technical environment. In short, your Employees not only learn concepts, but they apply the learning in the Simulator to give them an experience of the cause and effect of their newly acquired knowledge. This gives them the experience to further experiment a new approach that would help achieve their real world performance goals faster. 

Our Techno-Leadership Simulators have People Avatars that mimic the 'Skills' and 'Personalities' of Humans

Our Training Simulators are built for experiencing 
Leadership Skills in various Technical Environments. 
Project Leadership

Projects are at the heart and soul of any IT Services, EPC,   Oil & Gas  organizations. Our Agile Project Leadership Simulator mimics the real world SCRUM environment, including a Dev Team and Customers through various avatars.


Delegates learn to successfully lead Customer collaboration, apply SCRUM methods while applying leadership concepts on the Dev Team members to develop and engage them for best Project outcomes. 

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Sales Leadership & Management

Sales Managers are tasked to plan, lead and manage teams of Sales Executives to achieve target in their assigned territory. They constantly manage performance of staff inline with organization's goals. 


Our Sales Leadership simulator mimics a typical sales organization with avatars that represents a team of Sales Executives. Delegates learn to lead and manage staff's sales  performance inline with the Balanced Scorecard.

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Business Management 

In today's VUCA world, developing agile Business, Operations, or Manufacturing strategies and its execution is amongst the top priorities for all Business leaders. 

Delegates learn to plan, align, and make real time decisions and lead their Department Managers throughout the strategy execution of the Business. They will continuously lead Staff and improve the Business performance by applying the

Balanced Scorecard.

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We are Online

We are in the cloud with Microsoft Azure. The data in our simulator platform is secure with all security features provided by Microsoft.

We are Digital

Our digital Simulators are built using MEAN Stack technology, with complex algorithms that mimics AI and EI of the Business, People and Customers 

We Customize

Our class-room simulators are 100pct customizable to our Client's requirement including Business process, People, Customer, Risks, Cause-Effect algorithms.