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Awards Silver Learning 2022-01-01.png
Awards Silver Learning 2022-01-01.png

                 SimWorks Wins 2 Global Awards in Learning

We are excited and humbled to announce that our Team won 2 Brandon Hall Awards for the design and implementation of our Agile Project Leadership Simulation Course for our client "LTI" in the following 2 categories - 

   Best Outcome of a Learning Program
   Best Learning Program Supporting a Change Transformation in Business Strategy

Through Gaming

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Axl Learn is an EdTech company that also offers 

off-the-shelf and customized techo-leadership* courses using digital Training Simulators, through our B2B simulation platform : SimWorks.


Our Learn and Play offering addresses training and skill enhancement for Leaders and Managers at all levels, making technical or leadership courses fun, engaging and effective. 

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Delivered by Axl Learn, our Global Associates and Partners***

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Our Techno-Leadership Courses use 
Decision Tree and Algorithmic Simulators

*Our Simulators are built by Industry Experts to integrate  Leadership Skills in various Technical Environments
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SCRUM Project Leadership

Waterfall Project Management

Sales Strategy Management

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7Ps Marketing Excellence

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The GROW Coach

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We are Online

We are on the cloud with an AWS Partner. Our Simulators can be accessed by Learners from any location around the world and collaborate together in small teams.

We are Digital

Our digital Simulators are built using MEAN Stack technology, with complex algorithms that mimics the Business, People and its Customer complexities.

We Customize

Our class-room simulators are 100pct customizable to  Client's requirement including Business process, People, Customer, Risks, Cause-Effect algorithms.

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