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Ref : // UST19062021

Client : UST

Location : California, New Jersey, Trivandrum, Chennai, Bangalore

Date of Publishing : June 2020

Problem Summary : 

With the digital transformation wave sweeping the industry, the SCRUM project methodology is being adopted swiftly by most projects across the world. The mandate to the Client’s PM Academy in 2017 was to build SCRUM capabilities

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amongst its project teams through practice trainings, while also complimenting their investment in individual Agile certifications. These practice sessions had to mimic the real-world, with real challenges and give Associates an experience to respond to changes in their real world projects.


With more and more clients demanding project agility and collaboration, the leadership team identified the need to build capabilities for better Agile project delivery amongst their teams. Although an investment in SCRUM certification was decided in 2016-17, SCRUM Masters and Product Owners continued to demonstrate traditional Project Manager traits. With a need to comply with the SCRUM framework, the PM Academy was tasked to identify methods to improve the way SCRUM teams collaborated with customers, and demonstrated agility to change while delivering their projects.

Capability Solution : 

In order to build the project delivery capability, traditional form of class-room training delivery was discounted by the PM Academy. Instead, a SCRUM training integrated with a high reality training simulator (digital) was preferred that would simulate a real-world environment for 385 SCRUM Masters and Product Owners, to help them learn by doing.


After much deliberation on various offerings in project management simulation, the L&D team decided on a 5-days experiential learning, with a 21-days Learning Transfer Assignment approach. PROSIM Agile, an award winning Agile project management training simulator offered by Axl Learn, was implemented at UST.

Training Implementation : Training Facilitated by Adith Abraham, Som Ghosh, Rani Abraham, and Anthony Paris (Axl Learn). Simulation Designed and implemented by SimWorks (An Axl Learn Company)

Schedule : 5-days (20 hours) delivered via an online Platform with a high reality digital Simulation, with a 21-days Post Training Assignment.

Number of Learners Trained : 385 Associates

Learning Topics : The training facilitation was integrated with the training simulator experience, in a way that the participants learn the following topics-

1. SCRUM Roles & Framework

2. Customer Value Delivery

3. Leadership in Agile Project Environment

4. Servant Leadership

5. Myers and Briggs Type Indicator

6. Reading Cockpit charts

7. Tuckman’s model of Team Development

8. Whole Brain Thinking

Simulator Design : The Agile Training Simulator was customized to suit the following requirements for WHO


1. Project Environment

2. UST's typical Customer Behaviour

3. People Interaction and Conflict Management

4. Force Majeure events experienced in India

Program Outcome : The program was launched in 2018 and has been delivered in LA, New Jersey, Trivandrum, Bangalore, Chennai locations. Since 2020, the program hs been delivered virtually via Zoom platform. 

1. NPS rating of 92%

2. Knowledge improvement by 53%, during the 5-days

3. Competency improvement by 52%, during the 5-days

4. Additional Revenue Opportunities received as a result of the post-training assignment : Approximately $12M through initiated Change Requests.

Industry Recognition :  Won 2 Brandon Hall Gold Awards for "The Best Outcome of a Learning Program" category

Next Steps : The program continues to be delivered at UST as an online learning course, as an offering from the GAMA Academy.

Other Agile Training Simulators in the market for comparison : Harrisburg University of Science and Technology

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