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Client : World Health Organization at United Nations (WHO)

global citizens in remote parts of the world. A decision was made to improve the healthcare infrastructure, and the ecosystem of medical centers globally, through swift actions that will deliver results quickly. The PMCoE (Project Management Centre of Excellence) decided to implement a training to improve the agility of the way projects are implemented at WHO. A 3-days Agile Project Management training was eventually designed and implemented for Project Leaders and Practitioners. A custom built training simulator was also implemented to accelerate the understanding of Agile Project methods in a non-IT environment. The pilot training program was implemented in March 2021 with participants from Switzerland, Denmark, Africa, Netherlands, Malaysia, Russia and Korea. The pilot session was successfully implemented and participants have found the training useful with reported high participant engagement. 

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Location : Geneva, Switzerland

Date of Publishing : April 2021

Engagement Summary : 

The spread of Covid-19 virus has affected the lives and livelihood of people world over. United Nation's WHO has been working tirelessly since 2019 to coordinate the healthcare support and vaccination of

Ref : // WHO08042021

Schedule : 3-days (24hours) delivered via an online Platform with Virtual Breakout rooms

Training Implementation : Training Facilitated by Anthony Paris (Active Management International), Lawrance Suda (The Palatine Group) and Somnath Ghosh (Axl Learn). Simulation Designed and Implemented by SimWorks (An Axl Learn Company)

Learning Topics : The training facilitation was integrated with the training simulator experience, in a way that the participants learn the following topics-

1. Agile Methodology and Framework

2. SCRUM Team Roles and Responsibilities

3. People and Team Leadership

4. Planning and Managing Sprint & Backlog

5. Managing Contractors

6. Managing Project Performance

7. Project Controls

Simulator Design: The Agile Training Simulator was customized to suit the following requirements for WHO


1. Project Environment

2. Agile Sprint Planning and Implementation in a non-IT environment

3. People Interaction and Conflict Management

4. Customer Behaviour

5. WHO Contractor Management

Status of the Pilot Program : Successfully Implemented with 'High' Engagement Score

Participant Feedback : The Pilot Training Program was delivered in March'2021 with 15 diverse participants across cultures, languages, socio-political environment, and local project terrain. None of the Participants had any hands-on experience in implementing an Agile Project in the real world, yet WHO needed Project teams to implement global projects in a swift and agile manner. Below are few verbatim comments made by participants at the end of the Pilot Training Program. 


“ We are vey happy with the simulation. It was a very practical way of learning. “

“ The simulation tool was fantastic, it was dynamic... It helped convert the learning to practice. It helped us analyze the decisions we made. “

“ Using the simulator today helped me to better understand the agile methodology. The value of regular meetings, working on the team culture, prioritizing tasks.”

Next Steps : Few minor corrections have been implemented post the Pilot Program. The training program will be integrated with the Agile Training Simulator, for all Project Practitioners (and others) at WHO, to help accelerate Participant's competency acquisition. 

Other Agile Training Simulators in the market for comparison: None

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