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Hypothesis Driven Development Simulation

Course Purpose

To facilitate the effective application of Hypothesis Driven Development methods to ensure design, build and deploy product features based on researched hypothesis.

Course Objectives
By the end of the training, Delegates will

- Understand the key differences between Design Vs Hypothesis Vs Test Driven Development   

- Identify the characteristics and steps of a successful Hypothesis Driven Product Development 

- Understand and define Customer pain points using a SMART method

- Conduct an effect research to identify the root-cause of Customer pain points

- Build and present to Stakeholders various hypotheses based on research 

- Enroll an anchor Client to test the hypothesis and build a strategy of collaboration 

Who should attend

- Product Owners

- SCRUM Masters

- Development Team Members

- Hi-Potential Employees

Course Delivery Method

- A plug-in app with Agile Entrepreneurial Leadership 

Industries that can benefit 

- IT Products, Platforms and Services

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