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Sales Leadership and Management Simulation

Course Purpose

To facilitate the effective application of Sales Leadership and Management of a B2C Real Estate sales process to ensure targets and goals are met through Customer acquisition and People engagement. 

Course Objectives
By the end of the training, Delegates will

- Cascade Business strategy to performance plans using the Balanced Scorecard methodology

- Lead, inspire and manage sales staff for optimum performance

- Apply the situational leadership to staff depending on the situation and the person

- Manage the sales process of real estate selling, from customer demo to financing

- Manage performance and develop capabilities of sales staff to deliver sales metrics

- Maintain Sales control and continuously manage performance of staff

- Provide coaching support to facilitate the achievement of sales targets

Who should attend

- Sales Managers

- Hi-Potential Employees

Course Delivery Method

    30pct of the program will be spent in learning concepts while 70pct of the program will focus on      applying the learning in successfully leading a simulated sales scenario in a territory. 

    3 participants will form a team 

    Teams are given access to the online simulator


    The simulation is based on a bespoke case study

    Customer's Senior Leaders are involved in the sales review 

    Gamification principles are used to facilitate competition

    A live dashboard facilitates a competitive environment

    Award for the winning team

Evaluation of Course Effectiveness

Level-1 : Learning Environment evaluation

Level-2 : Pre vs Post Program knowledge gain

Level-3 : Pre vs Post Program competency gain 

Level-4 : Post training assignment and Performance Improvement measurement



Key Learning Topics

- Qualities of a Sales Manager – Leadership Vs Management 

- Balanced Scorecard

- Sales Pipeline Management

- Action Centered Leadership

- Continuous Performance Development

- Situational Leadership

- Customer Collaboration

- Motivators and Satisfiers

Competencies Addressed

- Sales Planning

- Sales Leadership

- Sales Process

- Balanced ScoreCard

Industries that can benefit 

- Any Real Estate company

- Any B2C company

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