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First Time Manager

Course Purpose

To facilitate the effective application of Leadership and Management skills in an IT environment to ensure successful project delivery through engaged Team Members, leading to happy Customers. 

Course Objectives
By the end of the training, Delegates will

- Identify the project delivery strategy and align their budget.

- Cascade Business strategy to performance plans using the Balanced Scorecard methodology

- Lead, inspire and manage Team Members for optimum performance

- Apply the situational leadership to staff depending on the situation and the person

- Develop Individual Development Plans for Team Members, to support their performance

- Manage Team Member Performance through performance check-ins and feedback discussions

Who should attend

- Engineers and Senior Engineers

- New Managers

- Hi-Potential Employees

Course Delivery Method

    30pct of the program will be spent in learning concepts while 70pct of the program will focus on      applying the learning in successfully leading a simulated sales scenario in a territory. 

    3 participants will form a team 

    Teams are given access to the online simulator


    The simulation is based on a bespoke case study

    Award to the winning team

    Gamification principles are used to facilitate competition

    A live dashboard facilitates a competitive environment


Evaluation of Course Effectiveness

Level-1 : Learning Environment evaluation

Level-2 : Pre vs Post Program knowledge gain

Level-3 : Pre vs Post Program competency gain 

Level-4 : Post training assignment and Performance Improvement measurement



Key Learning Topics

- Principles of Project Management

- Qualities of a Manager – Leadership Vs Management 

- Balanced Scorecard

- Action Centered Leadership

- Continuous Performance Development

- Situational Leadership

- Customer Collaboration

Competencies Addressed

- Project Planning, Execution & Controlling

- Project Risk Management

- Project Stakeholder Management

- People Leadership

Industries that can benefit 

Any B2B, including

- IT Services

- IT Products

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